Spotlyte: NikiNicole

For our first SpotLyte article, we’ve chosen to shed some light on the refreshingly unpredictable NikiNicole Papas! 

NikiNicole is your typical high school senior from New Jersey. Like all modern teenagers, she loves the simple things: going shopping, hanging out with friends, participating in the high school musicals, taking dance classes, and essentially living the quintessential high school experience. 


But outside of the typical teenage mold, NikiNicole definitely has a star-quality side to her. Entering college in the fall as an International Business major, she plans to add a fashion minor in hopes of working in the fashion industry in the future. However, her goals of the fashion industry aren’t too far out of reach.

“I’ve been modeling for about three years,” says NikiNicole. “I absolutely love it. It’s so fun but also boosts my confidence so much. Like, wearing someone else’s hard work and just strutting my stuff down a runway is just really empowering. It’s artistic and you can create a story with every piece of clothing, modeling is amazing.”


But don't be fooled, NikiNicole is more than just a pretty face; She also volunteers at her family’s charity: The Easter Basket Drive of North Jersey. Here, they collect materials to create baskets for those less fortunate in the North Jersey area. Every year, volunteers create anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 for children of all ages from infant to 17. And with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, giving back to the community is more needed than ever.

NikiNicole’s family is still dedicated to giving back, even during a global pandemic. While abiding by social distancing rules, The Easter Basket Drive of North Jersey was still able to craft baskets, so no child goes without a visit from the Easter Bunny. Even when times are extra tough.



But really makes NikiNicole a standout is her passion for life, storytelling, and helping others. Whether it be the crazy stories she told from her childhood in Greece or the humble facts about her family's charity, NikiNicole knows how to keep an audience on the edge of their seat just by being herself. Intelligent, beautiful, and born to be in the Spotlyte.



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  • Parthenia Koukoularis

    Love niki nicole and her youtube channel she is awesome informative and engaging. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of her and others giving back to the community …

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