Spotlyte: Maddy

Meet Maddy Winter: A total sweetheart with a love for the outdoors and making others smile.

The first thing people may notice about Maddy Winter is her ability to light up a room with her optimism, humor, and over-all positive attitude.

But past her girly-girl exterior, blinding smile, and bubbly appearance, Maddy has a natural, athletic edge to her that definitely makes her stand out.

Raised in small lake-town in Ontario, Canada called Bobcaygeon, Maddy grew up loving the outdoors. And, being so close to the water, she spent a majority of her childhood wakeboarding, waterskiing, and participating in other sports both on and off of the lake. 

"I love wakeboarding," Maddy said. "Although I can't really wakeboard anymore because I've had too many concussions, but I still love it."


Despite the (minor) concussions, Maddy's love for the outdoors has never gone away and goes far beyond just her personal hobbies like working out and playing sports. Come summertime, Maddy works as a camp counselor at Onondaga Camp, a historic summer camp in Ontario for Canadian youth to experience the wilderness in a fun, athletic way.

Here, Maddy looks after eleven and twelve-year-olds, teaching them how to rope-swing, fly fox, climb rock walls, and conquer the challenge course. She also puts her lifelong water-sport skills to good use as a waterski and waterboard instructor in tandem with working the ropes.

But not only does her job reward children by teaching them new skills, but it also rewards Maddy in a much bigger way.

"Seeing a kid get up for the first time on the skis, and the smile on their face, is just the best feeling."

However, after summer ends, Maddy still finds ways to make people smile. After taking a year off from college, Maddy began working at a local daycare, leading and supervising children throughout the week. And with the recent COVID-19 outbreaks and daycares closing all over the world, Maddy's childcare career is placed on hold until guidelines are lifted and the daycare opens again.

Having been out of work for a month and a half, Maddy is more hopeful than ever to return to a summer of waterboarding, rock-climbing, and activities at Onondaga Camp.

After the summer, Maddy plans to return to college to further her career as a nurse and help people from all walks of life. Yet, in the meantime, Maddy is much more focused on her ultimate goal: To make people smile.

"I love making people feel good about themselves." Maddy said, "If I could make someone's day suck a little less and have them smile for even a second, it makes me so happy."

During these hard times, Maddy Winter is the type of person to stay positive and hopeful, which is something everyone could learn from. Whether it be her sunny outlook on a future after the virus or the light-hearted jokes she slipped in between interview questions, Maddy was a much-needed, refreshing ray of light.

Spotlyte, that is.

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