Spotlyte: Liberty

Meet Liberty Carter:  a photographer with a love for art, educating others, and capturing the beautiful moments in life. 

With vibrant red hair and an aura of positivity, it's hard to ignore how special of a person Liberty Carter is. But beyond her stunning looks and over-all bright vibe, Liberty's hobbies, passions, and beliefs are what make this eighteen-year-old Dallas native stand out from the crowd.

With a deep-rooted gymnastics, rock-climbing, and dance background, Liberty was never one to shy away from a challenge. And after seeing performers at the circus every year, Liberty decided to pursue a more extreme and artistic form of athletics: aerial silks.

In December 2019, she found a local gym that offers classes in aerial yoga, hammocks, and silks. Since Liberty is a trained dancer, she applies her knowledge of movement to her aerial work, seeing it as not only a sport but an art-form.

"Each movement is very purposeful and accurate," Liberty says about her silk work. "But at the same time, it looks flowy and natural. It's a great way to be expressive."

However, Liberty's love for art and expression doesn't stop at aerial silks. For as long as she can remember, Liberty has been an avid photographer. And as she continues to grow older, her skill set and love for her craft have only continued to evolve and flourish.

As an artist, Liberty strives to use her knowledge of angles, highlights, and contrast to portray her subject's emotions and create an intense feeling in her audience. And while this is extremely important in photography, Liberty's goals as a photographer go far beyond technique; she wants to show people their true selves, and make them feel confident and beautiful.

"I believe everyone is beautiful and wonderfully created with a purpose, and realizing that is so important."

Liberty's empathetic nature not only shines behind the camera but in her everyday life and goals as well. From a young age, Liberty has always been an extremely curious and observant person. She grew up with an ability to read people and learn how they work, and what she can do to best connect with them in any given situation.

Whether it be developing an understanding with friends, strengthening relationships, or effectively communicating with her horses, Liberty's gift of connecting with others has helped her develop into an aware and empathetic individual.

As a recent high school graduate, Liberty plans to continue educating and connecting with others: majoring in recreation and parks and minoring is psychology. She hopes to someday work with children in a teaching or leadership position.

With the current events in our society, Liberty's kind and positive nature is a beacon of hope for a more understanding, accepting, and loving world. A lover of education and debate, Liberty wants to teach future generations not to be hateful and to instead live a life based on equality, change, truth, and love.

"Never be too afraid or prideful to learn or start a conversation. Always do research on truth and speak it in love."

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