Thanks for your interest in working with Lyte. A #LytePartner is a select TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube creator with a significant reach that aligns with our core values. To submit an application to work with us, please comment on this post and send a direct message to @lyteleggings on Instagram. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee a personal response.


  • Kathryn

    Hey y’all! My name is Kathryn, and I’m from Nashville, TN. I love the outdoors and promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes loving your body and wearing what makes you feel good, which is why I would love to represent Lyte leggings. My instagram is _kaki_pants

  • alex

    hi my name is alex and i’m a senior in highschool. i love to wear leggings and i these are my favorite leggings. i’d love to promote your leggings because i want people to know how comfortable these are and how good they are. the leggings make me want to workout and do more exercising. i’d love to show off this brand!

  • Katelyn

    Hi I’m Katelyn and I am a freshman in college, I am very active on social media and I recently started a yt channel. I’ve been over weight my entire life and I’ve decided to do something about it! I just ordered a pair of these leggings and smash as soon as I recieve them I’ll be ordering in everyyy color!!!

  • Alexandra Hebner

    Heyyy, my name is Alex and I am a 15 year old female. I am a high school student in Orlando, Florida. I’ve managed and semi-coached the mens soccer team (both varsity and junior varsity) at my school. I only have 26 followers on my Instagram (@glitterkniife), but I’m looking to promote your brand..paying for promotions on my Instagram account to be put out there on others feed. I want to represent your brand for you to be more acknowledged and noticed. I am a very hard working female and I want others to know as well. I am always on social media so I always have time for cute photos and a brand promotion… I always love a good photo shoot!

  • Kelsey Bartlett

    Hi I am Kelsey and I am a rising junior at Binghamton University. I have recently found a love for working out that I lost after high school. In high school i was the peppy cheerleader and lacrosse beast. Now I just want to represent the people who I never see represented, those who aren’t the typical fit girls but just you’re average sized girl. For me im in the bigger side and have always been the bigger player on the team. I’d love to be that representative and face for others to see. I am always on Instagram and tik tok and have plenty of time to show off the cute and comfy clothes!

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