Thanks for your interest in working with Lyte. A #LytePartner is a select TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube creator with a significant reach that aligns with our core values. To submit an application to work with us, please comment on this post and send a direct message to @lyteleggings on Instagram. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee a personal response.


  • Marietoni Thomas

    My names Marietoni Thomas, and I would be very much honored to be working with your company. I’m 16 years old and ever since childhood I’ve always been insecure about my body and my physical image of myself. I decided that I needed to make a change and be more active and healthy with my body. Recently I’ve been working out and I’m already seeing results. By working with you I feel like I could make my followers feel confident about themselves and also myself. Thank you have a nice day.😊

  • JEnnifer wEa

    Hi I’m a single mom of three would love to promote ur products on Facebook n Instagram n here on tik tok I’m fairly new but I’m into health and I know many people

  • Lia

    Hi my names lia , i’m in 8th grade and i would love to promote you guys on pinterest (i have accounts vsco , snap , and tik tok but i don’t use them so i deleted the apps ) i’m afro latino and plus size . so i would really like to sponcer you guys .

  • Lauren Brinegar

    Howdy, I’m Lauren! I’m getting ready to graduate nursing school at Eastern Kentucky University and I’m a huge advocate towards health and nutrition. I love lounging around, going to class, and working out on these leggings. I currently work at a sun tan city and can engage people in looking and living healthy in these leggings! I look forward to hearing from y’all. :)

  • Victoria Freitag

    Hey! I would love to promote your products on my instagram page. In the world there isn’t enough plus size girls being able to be comfortable in their own skin, but a good pair of leggings can help. I love your leggings, they are the only ones that make me feel confident in my body. Being a bigger gal myself, it’s hard to find clothing that really flatters and makes me feel good. So again, I would be honoured to promote your product.

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