Thanks for your interest in working with Lyte. A #LytePartner is a select TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube creator with a significant reach that aligns with our core values. To submit an application to work with us, please comment on this post and send a direct message to @lyteleggings on Instagram. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee a personal response.


  • Alyvia Goddard

    I’m a teenager. I wear leggings all the time, I love fitness and I love taking pictures! I would love to represent this brand!!

  • Braxton Lamon-Chesarek

    Hi, I’m 6’1, & in a way forced to wear leggings when most jeans are short, and shorts are TOO short. I didn’t have much variety in my leggings, besides black, and grey in the same boring mesh like material. This held back the potential of my off-setting figure,- not accentuating my length & curves. Lyte leggings really changed my game, (as I have ordered 4 pairs!!), giving me the confidence to push myself to look & feel better. I’ve let my wardrobe wear me for so long,- thank you, Lyte leggings.

  • Autumn

    I wear leggings almost everyday and I am always at the gym working out. Personally I have never found a pair that i’m totally in love with yet. I hope that’s about to change. As someone who always gets asked about their leggings I would promote Lyte any chance I get. I hope you choose me to help represent your brand!

  • Taylor Thomas

    I see Lyte Leggings all over my social media and they seem so great. I would love to represent a brand that holds value in the same things I do, fitness and feeling confident. I am a college athlete which means many of my followers are athletes and need to see this product too! With my strong personality and love for being active, I think Lyte Leggings would be a great fit. Thank you!

  • Alexis Mays

    I would love to be a Lyte legging partner, I have modeling experience on top of having a love for fitness, and feel as if I could represent the brand well.

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