Thanks for your interest in working with Lyte. A #LytePartner is a select TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube creator with a significant reach that aligns with our core values. To submit an application to work with us, please comment on this post and send a direct message to @lyteleggings on Instagram. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee a personal response.


  • Hi! My name is Kenleigh, soon to be 17 years old- palm beach is my home where I spend my days teaming up with my mom to train and compete in my division of teen physique. I am a single sport athlete outside of the gym and I would love to be a #lytepartner to wear this brand proudly while encouraging people to love treating our bodies kindly , and that a little bit of motivation could go a long ways 🥰Thank you!

    Kenleigh on

  • Hi , my name is Alexis and I love my Lyte leggings they are perfect for working out and just chillin at home. I just confirmed order number 2 and can’t wait to receive another pair of leggings (lavender). I would love to work with Lyte because I would be a great advocate for body positivity and I have almost 1000 followers on Tik Tok and 500 on Instagram. I get a significant amount of views on my page and just made a tik tok about my new leggings and top.1k views and 55 likes. Just starting out but willing to work with anything.

    Alexis Hearlson on

  • Hi! My names alyssa and i’m 17 soon to be 18 years old and a rising senior in high school here in miami. Personally I am extremely active and am always in active wear and am always looking for new items to use and recommend to friends and family, I have a good following on instagram and would LOVE to represent your company and what you guys stand for. I have noticed the benefits from your leggings such as the anti cellulite, the woven fabric, and the extra booty life on tiktok, instagram, AND snapchat and honestly they really do sound amazing!! I would be so happy if you guys considered me to be a brand ambassador for your company my instagram is: @alyssaarodas and i would love to hear back from you!

    alyssa rodas on

  • Hey! My name is Cerise and I’m 18 years old. I’m 5’4 and from Cali but I’m going to be moving to Arizona soon for college. I’ve been stocking up on some leggings to wear around my dorm as well as go on hikes and workout in. I’m in love with this brand and its unique leggings. I’m pretty skinny but these really shape me and make me look like I have a figure. I would really love the opportunity to be apart this brand and promote it on my insta :)

    Cerise on

  • I am a 16 year old junior that is homeschooled and since I am home schooled I do have a little bit of extra free time and with that free time I love to work out and Lyte Leggings are perfect for that! Even when I’m not working out and love to just hang around in them just because of how comfortable they are! I love Lyte Legging and I love this whole brand and company so I would love to work with you guys!

    Ramsey Sisco on

  • I was contacted by lyte leggings a while back to promote them on my tik tok and make a new trendy sound for the company and my family and I became obsessed with the leggings. I have a little over 11k followers on Instagram. Partnering with Lyte just seems really fun.

    Yasmin on

  • Hi, I’m Jessica I’m 17 years old ill be 18 on Christmas. I just ordered a pair of leggings, and I’m so excited to have them. All I wear are leggings, but I don’t have a big bum. So I’m excited to see what it looks like once I have these pants on. I’m starting to do runs, so I need some excellent leggings that will stay on my body, so I do not have to stop in the middle to pull my leggings up.

    Jessica Schoenbacher on

  • Hi! I am currently in grad school to become an Occupational Therapist. I would love to partner up with Lyte and introduce my all of my friends, cohort (which is mainly girls), and 1.9K Instagram followers to these amazing leggings. I also manage my grad program’s social media accounts.

    Regan on

  • Hi! My name is Grace and I am 16, 5’3 and a junior in high school. i have over 26k followers on tik tok and trying to grow my platform and change my content and gear more towards spreading love and positivity. I would love to be apart of this brand and anything coming with it. Please consider me!

    Grace on

  • My name is Stacie and i would love to be a sponsor. im 15, 16 in august and i am 5’4. I’ve done plenty of modeling in the past so if you could reach out to me that would be so very great! I have social media on almost everything instagram, tiktok, twitter, snapchat, facebook etc.

    Stacie on

  • hey! i’m ryan, i’m a 6’1 model! i play volleyball, soccer and track, and i have over 100k in tiktok and over 1000 views on snapchat! i’d love to partner with you guys:)

    Ryan Taylor on

  • Hi! My name is Sada and i would love to be a sponsor, i’m 15 and 4’9. I’ve done plenty of modeling in the past so if you could reach out to me that would be great! I have social media on almost every platform instagram, tiktok, twitter, snapchat etc.

    Sada Drew Balcita on

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