Thanks for your interest in working with Lyte. A #LytePartner is a select TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube creator with a significant reach that aligns with our core values. To submit an application to work with us, please comment on this post and send a direct message to @lyteleggings on Instagram. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee a personal response.


  • Katherine Harris

    Hi! My name is Katherine! I own every pair of the solid leggings and 2 pair of the tye dye! I wear this to work all of the time and get many compliments on them! Ive recently gotten into making tiktoks and have actually worn the cherry pair in one of them! Id love to be a #lytepartner!

  • Lily Pavlik

    Hi there! My name is Lily and I’m 19 years old. I have a mass following on TikTok (80K+) which has carried over to my snapchat and instagram. I already have 3 pairs of these leggings and I’m absolutely OBSESSED with them. I’d love to work with this company to promote this great product and continue to put my friends on this brand (so many already have).

  • Serenity Smith

    Hi! My name is Serenity, I would love to promote your brand on my Instagram, Tiktok and my Snapchat friends! I have seen your leggings and tops around and i love the look of them! I heard they stay out while working out, or just lounging. I always post on my social media regularly, and i take a lot of photos/videos to post. I would post your leggings/tops on my Snapchat story with a swipe up link, along with my instagram story. i would post on my Instagram, and Tiktok telling how good your products are! I just started working out again and being a smaller size none of my old workout clothes fit. But, i would love to promote your team as much as possible! Thank you Lyteleggings! #LytePartner

  • Chloe Lawson

    Hi, my name is Chloe I am 17 years old 18 in just over a month. I love going out on walks and exercising I just find it so calming and enjoyable , I’ve always been a huge fan of your leggings they just look so amazing and comfortable and they would appeal to so many people, my target audience is fashion, which includes fitness wear. I would absolutely love to work with you.

  • Annastacia Indar

    Hi, I’m Anna a colorful lifestyle creative based in ON, Canada. I’m 26 years old and a college student. I would love the opportunity to share your products with my audience on instagram (lifestyleofanna_) and tik tok (annastaciai) both of which I’m actively growing. I feel your brand aligns with my own personal brand and will allow me to be creative and expressive through bright colors!

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